10 Most Misunderstood Words... (Spanish) Cover Design DRAFTS

Below are three versions of one concept. The idea here is that the lines coming off of the title represent the words taking a different direction (or understanding) than the traditional/common understanding. There are ten lines coming off the title, one for each word.

As far as colors go, I chose these because they are associated with editing/highlighting, which is another way of describing what the book is about; editing or revising our understanding of these words.

TTUHSC Sm-p80 Vaccine Diagrams

Diagrams showing the effects of the Sm-p80 vaccine at different stages.

Psalms Series

Graphic for a sermon series entitled "Psalms" for Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, Texas. It was used as the artwork for a single, which was written and released by the worship director at the church, as well as for on-screen graphics and a study guide.

I was allowed the freedom to come up with the visual concept of "taking a journey" through Psalms. I used a very detailed line drawing with lots of repeating patterns and shapes to create the image. Then the text overlays the drawing in what looks like a gold leaf stamp and really makes the title jump off the page.

The Commons Church Website

Website for a new church plant in Lansing, Michigan. My role in this project included meeting with the pastor to discuss all of the website's functionality and design direction. The idea was to focus more on the cities of Lansing and East Lansing, Michigan State University, and the people of the area. So the site is full of fullscreen photos with minimal blurbs of text. Along with the design, I developed the site as well.

You can see the live site at https://thecommonschurch.org. I previously worked on The Commons Church Branding.

Phosonic Fiber-Optic Sensor System

Sales sheets, graphics, and an animation to show how this fiber-optic sensor works and how it could be implemented in different settings.