TTUHSC Sm-p80 Vaccine Diagrams

Diagrams showing the effects of the Sm-p80 vaccine at different stages.

TTUHSC Worldwide Impact of the Sm-p80 Vaccine

Sometimes when creating graphics or illustrations for researchers, they need to include A LOT of content. That was the case with this graphic. There's so much to say and not a lot of space to say it. Basically, this illustration shows the potential impact the Sm-p80 vaccine would have around the world. Using the map as a backdrop and overlaying the other elements allowed the design as a whole to come together.

TTUHSC Vaccine Life Cycle Diagrams

These diagrams show the efficacy of leading vaccine candidates at different levels of infection, disease, and transmission. Although quite the challenge, I love doing illustrations for research. I get to learn something new and figure out how to say so much in an easy-to-understand (well, at least somewhat easy-to-understand if you're familiar with this field of study) diagram.