Phosonic Fiber-Optic Sensor System

Sales sheets, graphics, and an animation to show how this fiber-optic sensor works and how it could be implemented in different settings.

Psalms Series

Graphic for a sermon series entitled "Psalms" for Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, Texas. It was used as the artwork for a single, which was written and released by the worship director at the church, as well as for on-screen graphics and a study guide.

I was allowed the freedom to come up with the visual concept of "taking a journey" through Psalms. I used a very detailed line drawing with lots of repeating patterns and shapes to create the image. Then the text overlays the drawing in what looks like a gold leaf stamp and really makes the title jump off the page.

Woolley G's T-shirt Designs

Just some good ol' fun t-shirt designs for a Longview bike shop.