Phosonic Fiber-Optic Sensor System

Sales sheets, graphics, and an animation to show how this fiber-optic sensor works and how it could be implemented in different settings.

Psalms Series

Graphic for a sermon series entitled "Psalms" for Fellowship Bible Church in Longview, Texas. It was used as the artwork for a single, which was written and released by the worship director at the church, as well as for on-screen graphics and a study guide.

I was allowed the freedom to come up with the visual concept of "taking a journey" through Psalms. I used a very detailed line drawing with lots of repeating patterns and shapes to create the image. Then the text overlays the drawing in what looks like a gold leaf stamp and really makes the title jump off the page.

Woolley G's T-shirt Designs

Just some good ol' fun t-shirt designs for a Longview bike shop.

131 New Faculty

Ad for Texas Tech University focusing on the growth of the university and the addition of 131 full-time faculty positions. I conceptualized, found the leaves and twigs from campus, arranged them, had it photographed, and created the ad from there. And if you haven't counted, the design contains 131 leaves.

TTUHSC Worldwide Impact of the Sm-p80 Vaccine

Sometimes when creating graphics or illustrations for researchers, they need to include A LOT of content. That was the case with this graphic. There's so much to say and not a lot of space to say it. Basically, this illustration shows the potential impact the Sm-p80 vaccine would have around the world. Using the map as a backdrop and overlaying the other elements allowed the design as a whole to come together.

TTUHSC Vaccine Life Cycle Diagrams

These diagrams show the efficacy of leading vaccine candidates at different levels of infection, disease, and transmission. Although quite the challenge, I love doing illustrations for research. I get to learn something new and figure out how to say so much in an easy-to-understand (well, at least somewhat easy-to-understand if you're familiar with this field of study) diagram.