A Message from the President

When the criteria required to achieve national research university funding were announced in the state of Texas, some said it would take us eight years to qualify. Two years following that announcement, Texas Tech University stands at the doorstep of acceptance, having met the criteria necessary for inclusion. The collective effort of our students, faculty, staff and administration is realized through this endeavor as we forge ahead to become the next great national research university.

We are excited about our current opportunities, but have our sights set on greater goals. I invite you to view our 10-year business plan, designed to assist Texas Tech University in achieving a research profile equivalent to that of members of the Association of American Universities. We have made tremendous strides in enhancing the quality of our research through strategic faculty hires and attracting the best and brightest students. Our graduates are making a difference and our outreach is affecting thousands of lives. As we like to say, "Texas Tech University…From here, it's possible."

Dr. Guy Bailey

2011 at a Glance

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Stairway to Tier One

Stairway to Tier One

Read more from The Steps to Tier One: Texas Tech's Promise and Prospects

Changes in Total Research Expenditures at TTU, FY07-FY11

Changes in Total Research Expenditures at TTU,

Number of PhDs Awarded, 2007-2011

Number of PhDs Awarded, 2007-2011

Fall Enrollment

Fall Enrollment

Increase in Four-, Five-, & Six-Year Graduation Rates at TTU, 2000-2004 Cohorts

Increase in Four-, Five-, & Six-Year Graduation Rates at TTU, 2000-2004 Cohorts


Frogs know what’s going on. That’s why an increase in their mortality rate has Texas Tech University researchers concerned. Uncovering the "why" was only part of the task. Education was the other. Undergraduate and graduate student researchers used Save the Frogs Day (April 29) to raise awareness about the flight of amphibian populations. The coordinated effort set a world record for the largest gathering of people wearing frog masks. Unconventional? Maybe. Educational? You bet!

We can learn a lot from frogs, and cavemen, and eavesdropping birds, and the wind, and Batman. In fact, we did learn a lot this year, and we’re excited to share that knowledge with the world, starting with you:

Save the Frogs Day Highlights Biology Amphibian Research Watch the Video Caveman Politics: Instincts Play Role in Our Decisions Expert Discusses the 1966 Batman Movie and Why it Matters Ground-Nesting Birds Eavesdrop to Find Safe Neighborhoods Watch the Video Climate Center: Texas Tech to Help Lead New Climate Science Center Texas Tech Researchers Find Link Between TVs, Childhood Obesity Watch the Video 25 Years Later: Amazing Adaptation in Chernobyl Watch the Video Eye-Tracking Devices Help Disabled Use Computers The Use of Comics in Holocaust Education New Radar Better Treats Mobile Tumors Fibertect® Featured in National Guard Magazine Watch the Video Rivers of Fire: Red Planet Channels Likely Formed by Lava Newly Discovered Winemaking Site Shows Advanced Techniques Watch the Video Researchers Assist State to Save Guadalupe Bass Toxicologists Find Weathered Crude Oil Less Toxic to Bird Eggs Watch the Video String Project Provides Affordable Instruction to Aspiring Young Musicians Watch the Video Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute Watch the Video Texas Tech's Vortech Tornado Simulator Helps Researchers Better Understand the Force of Tornados

Student Success

How does a student get from Lineville, Iowa, population 237, to Texas Tech University? By way of bats, of course. Kendra Phelps knew studying bats was what she wanted to do, and she wanted to learn from the very best. “Texas Tech is considered the 'Harvard of Mammalogy’,” said Phelps. Her work with bats led to a Fulbright scholarship, and she’s in good company. There are national and international championships, a law grad who attained the third highest score in the nation on the Texas bar and a Red Raider took over the anchor’s desk at CBS News, all in the past year. Good work, Raiders!

Texas Tech Wins Australian International Meat Judging Contest TTU Law Advocacy Programs Featured in preLaw Magazine Texas Tech PFP Goes to Washington Quest for the Story Leads Alumnus to Evening News Job Texas Tech Makes Its Mark on NASA Law Grad Attains Third-Highest Score in Nation on Texas Bar Exam Engineering Students Put Building Blox to the Test Texas Tech Students Become Instant World Travelers


We have one of the coolest labs in the country. At least that’s what Popular Science thinks. They named our Wind Science and Engineering Research Center (WISE) as one of the 25 Coolest Labs in the Country for the second year. Must be the wind cannon that hurls planks at a wall to measure hurricane damage. And that’s just one area where we excel. Our Addiction and Recovery Center was commended by the U.S. Government. We made the top 10 in a Forbes.com survey of the “Best Colleges for Minorities in STEM.” And, we were one of just 24 public institutions named a "Best Buy School" in the 2012 Fiske Guide to Colleges. This year, good news was blowing in the wind.

Wind Research Center Named a Top Science Program Addiction & Recovery Center Commended by U.S. Government Texas Tech Named 2012 Fiske Best Buy School Professor and Doctoral Student Duo Win Top Academic of the Year Award Texas Tech Makes Forbes’ Top 10 for Minority Outreach in STEM Education Discovering 12,000 Years of History at Lubbock Lake Landmark 3-D Movie Featuring Texas Tech Paleontologist Wins BAFTA Award Texas Tech Researchers Help Iraqi Officials Rebuild Science, Technology Fields


Our research and success stories aren’t the only things on the rise. Growth continues as new structures rise all across campus. The new LEED-certified Rawls College of Business Administration, Dan Law Field at the new Rip Griffin Park and the Boston Avenue residence hall are adding their own unique touches to the renowned Spanish Renaissance architecture that’s a hallmark of Texas Tech University.

Watch the Video New Rawls Building Sets Standard for Business Education Texas Tech to Build Hance Chapel on Campus Texas Tech Breaks Ground on New Residence Hall

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